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Community Partners

Throughout the Everett Street Diner’s history, we have been keenly focused on being good stewards of the community.  We work hard to give back to the community that has embraced us.  Through our Community Partner program, The Diner chooses a local non-profit to support each month.  That support is pretty straightforward.  We promote the non-profit here and through our Facebook page, and we donate 10% of our total receipts for Sunday Brunch throughout the month to our Partner.  All of the non-profits we support are local and have a clear and focused mission to help others here in Swain County.  Below are just a few of the Diner’s Community Partners.

Restoration House

The Restoration House serves as a physical location for services of healing through in-house services and partnerships with other not-for-profit organizations that offer medical servicesfinancial counseling, and relational mediation in our area. In addition, it serves as a comprehensive clearing-house of information for the various resources available in Swain County. By design there is a prayer room located in the middle of the house so that prayer will be at the center of all restorative services.



To help alleviate the suffering of abandoned abused, homeless and injured cats and dogs in Swain County.  We provide a caring haven and find loving homes for as many as possible. Through community outreach, education and media, we seek to transform local cultural norms so that human-animal bonding and neuter/spay become more widely practiced in our region.


Swain Cancer Support


Swain Cancer Support Group is a local nonprofit organization committed to helping those in our county who are battling cancer.


Big Brothers and Big Sisters


Works to ensure every child in WNC has an enjoyable, long-term relationship with a caring adult who believes in them and sees their potential. We select and match mentors with children facing adversity and provide ongoing activities, training and support services for both families and volunteers to foster a successful match relationship and a lasting connection.