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Food - Family - Faith. Through the continuing issues related to Covid-19 the Diner continues to serve our community with Take-out, Curb service, and Delivery. You can either PM us on Facebook, call us (828.488.0123), or even fax in your order (828.488.2222). We continue to take every precaution to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff. Please continue to check our Facebook page for updates.

Where Food is enjoyed,

Family is cherished,

and Faith is immutable.

We're not just "family friendly" We're family.

We consider everyone who comes in to be visitors to our home.

Welcome to the Family

Food is enjoyed, Family is cherished and Faith is immutable.  Food, Family and Faith.  It’s what we believe.  It’s what we are.  It wasn’t taught by our parents, but rather learned by example because it was lived day in and day out.

We believe food should be fun, and, of course, delicious.  From our everyday menu items to our daily lunch features we make certain what we’ve learned through the years is in every bite. We also put a mountain spin to traditional dishes like our standing Wednesday feature – Shrimp w/ Grits n’ Greens.  Even if you don’t like grits or greens, you’ll love the Diner’s twist to this southern coastal classic.  If it’s breakfast you want at a Bryson City Restaurant, we offer two “benedicts” on our daily menu, and both include our, second to none, sausage gravy as the substitute for the fancy “flatlander” sauces. 

Everything “Family” is celebrated at the this Diner.  We want everyone to know when it’s positive family news, whether it’s a honeymoon, an anniversary or birthday, etc.  We will always try to make your day memorable and let everyone know that a strong family is a good thing and should be reveled. 


Faith is immutable.  Unchanging and unassailable.  You’ll never experience our faith through a firehose, but rather like a sprinkler as we live it every day and show it to our customers in the way we treat everyone that walks through our doors and in the way we care for those in our community. 

Here at the Everett Street Diner we want your breakfast or lunch to be an exceptional experience.  We treat everyone, locals and visitors, as if you are visitors or guests in our home.  Come join us for breakfast or lunch at our Bryson City Restaurant and make yourself at home.  As my father used to say, “Come on in the water’s fine.”

From Katie Bailes Blog

Check out Katie’s Blog
Of Gina’s breakfast spot recommendations, we chose Everett Street Diner. You see, I admittedly really wanted to go on a side-track-mission to Asheville so that I could go back to my favorite breakfast spot during our honeymoon. I was craving the homemade biscuits and gravy from this one soul-food breakfast place, but by the time we could get there they would have been serving lunch. When I looked online at Everett Street Diner’s reviews, they practically ALL talked about the homemade gravy and how amazing the service was. Ok… ok… I’ll give it a try. No way it’s better than the place in Asheville…. right?

W R O N G.

OH-EM-GEE. That first bite about knocked me out of my chair. I’m not going to sugar coat this, y’all…I’m not hyping this up… these reviews aren’t paid for by any of these establishments… but it was BETTER. It was BETTER than the fancy breakfast spot in Asheville. I don’t know whose Grandma they got in that kitchen, but I wanted to go kiss her. I was in southern-biscuit-and-gravy heaven. The fat girl in me was siiiiinging. I got the “Dixie Benedict”, and I think I would honestly make the 2-3 hour drive just to eat there every Saturday, if I could.

I mean, why can’t I?!
I’m an adult. I have a car. Try & stop me!!


  The epitome of “food porn”. Sorry, I’m not sorry. Check out Katie’s Blog

OMG Where To Begin!
One of the best breakfasts I have ever had. I had a country ham and cheese omlet, my husband had the bacon and cheese omlet. We split a small bowl of the famous gravy. All of the food was great, but the gravy definitely steals the show. I saw food other people had ordered come by and I was like, hey I want to try that too! From the time you walk into the diner, until the time you leave, you feel special. The waitresses don’t operate on this is my section and my table, everyone helps out. One person took my drink order and brought it over, because my waitress was busy taking the food order of another table. I had barely got in 2 good drinks of coffee before my waitress was there asking if I had any questions about the menu or was I ready to order. As I was leaving, I noticed one of the people outside wiping off chairs for people who were waiting to sit down, it rained alot! I definitely recommend this diner to anyone in the Bryson City area. You will not regret you decision to start you day eating there!

Sherrills Ford

This place is off the charts! You want a friendly atmosphere? Go here. You want great food reasonably priced? Go here. Goodness gracious just go here
Swannie Chastain

Amazing in every way! Staff knew many of the customers by 1st name and the locals were so friendly too. The food was amazing! Biscuits and gravy 😍 the French toast !! Great coffee!! Everything was great!!

Sally Graham

Great service and more importantly great food! The full order Biscuits & Gravy is beyond awesome!! The menu says the Biscuit & Gravy will definitely be in your top two, but it’s better than momma use to make so it’s #1 in my book!!

Philip Carroll

Highly impressed by the service and wonderfully delicious food selection. When you show up and there is a line standing outside the door, you know you are at the right place. I will definitely be coming back!

Troy Bacon

Absolutely delicious and quaint diner at this Bryson City Restaurant! The service was stellar and the food was amazing. We will make this a regular spot when we are in town! The owner went by each table and and thanked everyone for coming in and made sure our meals were great!!! You don’t get this kind of service these days!!! Definitely make this a stop on your trip and you won’t be disappointed!!!
Gennifer Stancil